Faculty of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Animal Science
  1. Animal Husbandry
  2. Animal Nutrition
  3. Animal Science
  4. Animal Science - Animal Physiology
  5. Animal Science - Nutrition
  6. Dairy Cattle and Buffalo Production
  7. Poultry Production
  8. Poultry Production and Management
Fisheries and Forestry
  1. Aquatic Ecology
  2. Aquatic Ecology
  3. Fisheries Ecology
  4. Forestry
  5. Propagation and Cultivation of Aquatics
  6. Propagation and Cultivation of Aquatics
Plant Production
  1. .
  2. Agricultural Biotechnology
  3. Agroecology
  4. Agronomy and Plant Breeding
  5. Crop Ecology
  6. Crop Physiology
  7. Plant Production Engineering
  8. Weed Science
Ranch, Watershed Management and Wood Industriess
  1. Natural Resources Engineering - Watershed Management
  2. Ranch and Watershed Management Enineering
  3. Ranch Management
  4. Watershed Management
  5. Wood and Paper Science Industries
  6. Wood and Paper Science Industries
  7. Wood Composite Products
Animal Science
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Bahri, Fatemeh Assistant Professor Animal Science - Genetics f_bahri_b_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Bayatkoohsar, Javad Assistant Professor Animal Nutrition bayatkoohsar_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Farivar, Fariba Assistant Professor Animal Nutrition farivar_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Ghanbari, Farzad Assistant Professor Animal Nutrition farzadghanbari_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Gharebash, Ashormohamad Assistant Professor Animal Nutrition gharebash_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Khanahmadi, Alireza Instructor Agriculture Engineering - Animal Science khanahmadi_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Maghsoudlou, Shahryar Assistant Professor Poultry Nutrition maghsoudlou_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Moslemipur, Farid Assistant Professor Animal Nutrition Physiology moslemipurf_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mostafaloo, Yosef Assistant Professor Veterinary - mostafaloo_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Rahchamani, Reza Assistant Professor Veterinary - َAnimal Diseases rahchamani_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Taraz, Zahra Instructor Agriculture Engineering - Animal Science taraz_ [At]_gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Fisheries and Forestry
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Adineh, Hossein adineh.h@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Daneshvar, Abolfazl Personal Page
Farhangi, Mhamad Instructor Fisheries farhangi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Gholipour, Hosna Assistant Professor Veterinary - gholipourk@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Gholizadeh, Mohammad Hydrobiology gholizadeh_m@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Ghorbani, Hojat Assistant Professor ghorbani@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Harsij, Mohamad Assistant Professor m_harsij80@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Jafariyan, Hojat Associate Professor Propagation and Cultivation of Aquatics jafariyan@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mosavi, Morteza Assistant Professor Forestry mousavi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Ppatimar, Rahman Associate Professor Fish Ecology rpatimar@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Raeisi, Hadi raeisi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Razavi, Ali Instructor Natural Resources Engineering - Forestry sarazavi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Sattarian, Ali Associate Professor Ecology sattarian@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Plant Production
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Ahangar, Leila PHD Molecular Genetic ahangar@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Avarseji, Zeynab Assistant Professor Agriculture - Weed Science avarseji@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Biabani, Abbass Associate Professor Crop Physiology abbass.biabani@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Gholamalipour Alamdari, Ebrahim Assistant Professor Plant Science - Weed Ecolophysiology eg.alamdari@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Gholizadeh, Abdollatif Assistant Professor gholizadeh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Hosseinimoghadam, Hossein Assistant Professor hosseini@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mollashahi, Mahdi Instructor mmollashahi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Naeimi, Masoumeh Assistant Professor Crop Ecology naeimi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Nakhzari, Ali Assistant Professor Crop Ecology nakhzari@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Rahemi, Ali Assistant Professor Crop Physiology rahemi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Sabouri, Hossein Associate Professor Plant Breeding hossein.sabouri@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Sajadi, Javad Instructor sajadi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Taliei, Fakhtak Assistant Professor taliei@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Zarei, Mahdi Assistant Professor mehdizarei@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Ranch, Watershed Management and Wood Industriess
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Aminian, Hedayat Assistant Professor Wood Composite aminian@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Behmanesh, Bahare Assistant Professor Ranch Science behmanesh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Esmaeili, Majid Associate Professor Ranch Ecology esmaeili@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Fakhireh, Akbar Assistant Professor Ranch Science fakhireh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Faraji, Farshid Assistant Professor Wood Composite faraji@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Farasati, Masoomeh Personal Page
Fathabadi, Abolhassan Assistant Professor Watershed Management fathabadi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Heshmatpoor, Ali Assistant Professor Hydrology and Water Resources Management heshmatpoor@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Jamalirad, Laya Assistant Professor Wood Composite jamalirad@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mohammadi, Amin Assistant Professor aminmohammadi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Rouhani, Hamed Assistant Professor rouhani.hamed@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Sedghi, Mehrdad Instructor sedghi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Seyedian, Morteza Assistant Professor seyedian@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Tahmasebi, Abolfazl Assistant Professor natural Resources Engineering - Ranch Management tahmasebi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Vaziri, Vahid Assistant Professor Pulp and paper Industries vahidvaziri@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page

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