Faculty of Humanities & Sport Sciences

Economics and Geography
  1. Accounting
  2. Accounting
  3. Entrepreneurship - Agriculture Services
  4. Islamic Economics
Language and Literature
  1. (Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)
  2. English Language and Literature
  3. Persian Language and Literature
  4. Persian Language and Literature
  1. Hadith and Quran Sciences
  2. Islamic Law
  3. Islamic Philsophy
Sport Sciences
  1. Physical Education
Economics and Geography
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Amini, Hadi Personal Page
Anaraki, Saeed Instructor Accounting anaraki@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Karshenasan, Ali karshenasan [At] gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Kheirandish, Masoud Assistant Professor Commercial Economics (Agriculture) kheirandish@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mazhari, Reza Assistant Professor Theoretical Economics mazhari@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mohamadi, Mohsen PHD m.mohamadi [At] gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Oskou, Vahid Instructor Accounting vahidoskou@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Language and Literature
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Alimadadi, Mona Assistant Professor Persian Language and Literature alimadadi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Aghaee, Khadijeh PHD . aghaee@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Ahmad, Gholi Instructor English Language and Literature ahmadgholi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Ahmadi, Masoud Assistant Professor English Language and Literature ahmadi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Dabbagh, Ali Instructor Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) alidabbagh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Esmaeeli, Morad Assistant Professor Persian Language and Literature mesmaeeli@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Faramarzi, Zeinolabedin Assistant Professor Arabic Language and Literature faramarzi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Raminnia, Maryam Assistant Professor Persian Language and Literature raminnia@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Golchini, Hossein Assistant Professor Philosophy golchini@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Javanmard, Ebrahim Assistant Professor Islamic Law javanmard@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Nouri, Ali Instructor Teaching Islamic ٍEducation nouri@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Yamrali, Saleh salehyamrali@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Sport Sciences
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Choori, Ali Instructor Physical Education choori@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Ghezelsefloo, Hamidreza Instructor Physical Education ghezelsefloo@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Imeri, Behroz Assistant Professor Sport Pathology imeri@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Karimi, Mansore Instructor Physical Education karimi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mirza, Mojgan Psychology mirza@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page

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