Faculty of Science & Engineering

  1. Animal Biology
  2. Cell and Molecular Biology
  3. Cell and Molecular Biology - Genetics
  4. General Biology
  5. Marine Biology
  6. Marine Biology - Marine's Animal
  7. Plant Biology
  8. Plant Biology - Systematic Ecology
  1. Chemistry and Essential Oil Technology
  1. Software Engineering
  2. Technology of Software
Mathematics and Statistics
  1. Mathematics - Algebra
  2. Mathematics and Applications
  3. Statistics and Applications
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Alijanpoor, Sakine alijanpour [at] gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Boozarpour, Sohrab Assistant Professor Biology - Cell and Molecular so.boozarpour [at] gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Golzarianpour, Kiavash Instructor Animal Biology golzarianpour [at] gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Habibi, Meisam Instructor Plant Biology meisam.habibi [at] gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Jorjani, Eisa Assistant Professor Biology jorjani [at] gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Panahi Mirza Hasanloo, Jamileh Panahi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Akbari, Reza Assistant Professor akbari.reza@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Rostami, Faramarz Associate Professor rostami@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Agh Atabay, Habibollah Instructor Computer Engineering - Artificial Intelligence atabay@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Sheikhzadeh, Mohammad Javad Instructor Computer Science sheikhzadeh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Torshizi, Mehdi Instructor Computer Engineering - Hardware mtorshizi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mathematics and Statistics
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Bahlakeh, Abdonnaser Assistant Professor Mathematics - Algebra bahlekeh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Farrokhzad , Razieh Assistant Professor Mathematics - Analysis r_farokhzad@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Fozouni, Mohammad Assistant Professor Mathematics - Analysis fozouni@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Jabbari, Tahereh Instructor Mathematics - Numerical Analysis jabbari@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Kashani, Mojtaba Instructor Statistics kashani@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Khosravi, Hassan Assistant Professor Mathematics - Algebra khosravi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Neirameh, Ahmad Assistant Professor Mathematics - Analysis a.neirameh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Shahini, Mehdi Assistant Professor Mathematics - Numerical Analysis mehdi.shahini@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Shirazi, Esmaeel Assistant Professor Statistics esmaeil.shirazi@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Shokooh, Saeed Instructor Mathematics - Analysis shokooh@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Taghinezhad, Nemat PHD ntaghinezhad@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Teimouri, Mehdi Instructor Statistics teimouri@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Toumaj, Abdolsaeid Assistant Professor Statistics ab.toomaj@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Family, Name Grade Specialty Email PageUrl
Asri, Mehdi mehdi.asri@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page
Mehdipour, Mostafa mehdipoor@gonbad.ac.ir Personal Page

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